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Dog freezes to the ground after owner chained it to a tree and abandoned it in park

By Mason White 4:36 AM February 16, 2016
Dog that was found in park 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A woman in New York, saved an abandoned dog’s life after she found it frozen to the ground in a park.

Jennifer Williams said that she was walking her dog in Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Friday morning, when her pet ran to a tree.

When she reached her pet, she found an unresponsive dog chained to a tree. She wrapped the dog in a coat and picked it up from the ground.

She then noticed blood on the dog’s paws as they froze to the ground from the extremely cold temperatures. Williams then called Sean Casey, who owns Sean Casey Animal Rescue, and he came over to take the dog.

Veterinarians are treating the dog’s paws and are trying to treat various other ailments. The dog was put up for adoption.