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Prostitute accuses married man of rape after he refused to pay her $5 service fee

By Mason White 11:34 AM February 15, 2016
Prostitute (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A married man was arrested on a charge of rape after a woman accused him of raping her while she walked to her home, police in Zimbabwe said.

However, 28-year-old Mthokozisi Nkomo of Old Pumula, claims that the woman, who was not identified, made up the story because he did not pay her $5 for the sexual services he received.

Nkomo told investigators that he met the prostitute on Saturday night, and she agreed to have sex with him in exchange for $5.

They both went to her home, where they spent the night together. When he awoke in the morning, Nkomo went through his wallet and realized that it was empty.

Nkomo said that he does not know what happened to his money because he was drunk. When told the woman that he cannot pay her, she became very angry and called the police.

However, the woman told investigators an entirely different story. She said that as she was walking home, Nkomo approached her and asked where she was going.

He then volunteered to walk her home. After walking for a short distance, the defendant dragged the woman into a dark alleyway and ordered her to undress.

He then raped her. When Nkomo left, the woman called the police to file a complaint.