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Monkey arrested for stealing food and ripping pillows

By Mason White 6:53 PM February 16, 2016
Monkey arrested by police 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A monkey that had been causing havoc, was arrested by police after being accused of stealing food from residents for the past six months, police in India said.

The incident unfolded in Sion, and residents cheered as police handcuffed and shackled the monkey.

The monkey’s neck was tied with a rope before being dragged into a cage.

Residents said that the captured monkey was one of three that have been roaming around the neighborhood and causing havoc.

The monkeys were seen in garbage bins, offices and roofs, where they looked for food. The monkeys even attack people for food.

On Friday morning, residents saw a monkey breaking into a home before ripping up some pillows. They called a monkey catcher who retained the monkey and handed it over to the police.

The monkey will be released into the countryside north of Mumbai.

An official from the Forest Department said that the monkey will only be released into the wild after it is determined that it will be able to survive in the wild.