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Football player kills referee for showing him foul

By Mason White 5:28 PM February 17, 2016
Football (Illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A football player became so angry when a referee showed him a foul that he decided to kill him.

Police in Argentina, said that 48-year-old Cesar Flores, was shot and killed while doing his job.

Another player, 25-year-old Walter Zarate, was seriously injured. He was rushed to a hospital with serious injuries. However, doctors believe that he will survive.

Police in Cordoba, said that the football match ended in tragedy after the player shot and killed the referee for showing him a red card for a foul.

The shooter ran away from the scene and is still at large.
Police are actively looking for the suspect who had a gun inside his backpack.

He ran into the field as the game continued and shot the referee three times, hitting him in the head, chest and neck.
Police said the attack occurred during a game between two teams from the neighborhood.

The shooting occurred just 20 minutes into the game.