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Pizza Hut offers Kanye West a job after he complained about being $53 million in debt

By Mason White 4:05 AM February 18, 2016
Pizza Hut offers Kanye West a job 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Pizza Hut has publicized a job offer for Kanye West, after the rapper complained about being $53 million in debt on the social media site Twitter.

Last week, West asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, for a loan of $1 billion to help him pay down his debt and do some other good things.

On Monday, Pizza Hut sent a public message to West, saying: “Stop telling everyone you need dough and try kneading some dough. We got your C.V. today. You can start your job at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.”

West sent Pizza Hut his resume that revealed his talents, including rapping, fashion design, keeping a straight face, being the greatest and album cover design.

West also boasted that he has experience doing sit ups and wearing baggy pants. In Response, Pizza Hut said that it could not accept the resume, but urged him to call them.

West responded that he personally has money, but is not interested in using his fortune to pay down his debt or do good things.

“Anyone who has money knows that the first rule is to use other people’s money,” West wrote on his Twitter page.