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Police warn not to charge phones under pillows as they catch fire

By Mason White 5:21 PM February 17, 2016
The pillow, bed and phone 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Police in New York, have released photos of a burned pillow as a warning to people.

The NYPD said that someone placed their cellphone to charge underneath the pillow and it caught on fire.

While many people want their phone close to them while sleeping, the NYPD shared a photo on Twitter, illustrating why cellphone users should not sleep with the devices under their pillows, particularly while charging.

The 33rd Precinct posted the photo to Twitter, showing the burned pillow, bed and the destroyed Samsung phone that caused the fire.

Police wrote that the phone was plugged into a charger while it was placed under the pillow when overheated and caught fire.

The incident took place in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. It was not clear if anyone was injured.

“Don’t put your cellphone under a pillow when sleeping or when charging your device. Please share this tip and be safe,” police wrote on Twitter.