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Baby burns to death after parents leave crib close to burning stove

By Mason White 11:13 AM February 18, 2016
Baby (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A baby burned to death while being cared for by relatives after the parents left his crib too close to an open flame, police in Michigan said.

Vienna Township police said that they were called to the hospital that treated the 5-month-old baby on suspicion of foul play.

However, investigators said that the death appears to be a tragic accident. The parents of the baby left him in the care of family members while they went to work.

The baby’s crib was left too close to the stove in the kitchen and the bedding caught on fire. After several minutes, the entire crib went up in flames, and by the time the fire was extinguished, it was too late for the boy.

The boy was rushed to the Hurley Medical Center on Thursday, and he died of his injuries.