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Female death row inmate manages to obtain sperm in plastic bag and gets pregnant to avoid death penalty

By Mason White 3:50 PM February 18, 2016
Nguyen Thi Hue 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman came up with a plan to avoid being executed for her crime.

The woman of Vietnam, received the death penalty at sentencing after being found guilty of drug trafficking.

Nguyen Thi Hue, 42, appealed her sentence, but she lost her appeal. She then decided to get pregnant. Hue is accused of paying $2,200 to a male inmate for his sperm.

Officials said that on two occasions, the 27-year-old male inmate placed his sperm in a plastic bag with a syringe. He then placed the bag at a mutually agreed location.

Hue inseminate herself and became pregnant. She is expected to give birth in two months. Under current law, Hue will have her death sentence commuted to life imprisonment for having a child under three years old.

Four prison guards were suspended for negligence because the sperm was transferred while they were on duty.