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Man takes last selfie with girlfriend before killing her because she spoke with other men

By Mason White 5:24 PM February 18, 2016
Ashish Kumar and Gurpreet Kaur 

By: Chan Yuan
A man is facing a charge of murder after allegedly killing his girlfriend because she spoke with other men, police in India said.

Dehradun police said that 27-year-old Ashish Kumar, took a selfie with his girlfriend before killing her.

After killing 30-year-old Gurpreet Kaur, Kumar checked into a hotel, where he slashed his wrist in an attempt to kill himself.

According to the police investigation, Kumar and his girlfriend went on a trip together the day before the murder.

While they were alone, Kumar took a selfie of himself and his girlfriend before confronting her about the fact that she was friendly with other men.

He then grabbed a rope and tried to strangle her. When that didn’t work, he pulled a knife and slit her throat. Kaur screamed for help, but when paramedics arrived, she was already dead.

After the murder, Kumar sent text messages to his friends, indicating that he killed his girlfriend. He also made the last selfie of him and his girlfriend as his profile photo.