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Prostitute killed after leaving young son home alone for two days while having sex

By Mason White 5:35 PM February 18, 2016
Jessica McGraa 

By: Wayne Morin
Family and friends of a woman in the United Kingdom, were shocked to discover that she was working as a prostitute after being killed by client.

The woman’s 6-year-old son was found at home while his mother was away for two days working as a prostitute.

35-year-old Jessica McGraa of London, went on an adult website and agreed to be on a “two day tour” in Aberdeen, Scotland, for work.

The woman allegedly told friends that she works as a stripper at a nightclub, but they had no idea that she traveled across the country to have sex with clients.

She advertised her services with adults websites. McGraa charged £220 (about $315) an hour. Her family was notified after she was found brutally murdered in a rented apartment about 600 miles from her home.

A 25-year-old man was arrested in connection to her murder.