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Restaurant owner bans all bankers because they turned him down his loan request

By Mason White 3:40 PM February 18, 2016
Alexandre Callet with the sign 

By: Wayne Morin
A restaurant owner in France, banned all bankers from eating at his establishment after he was turned down for loan.

The owner of the restaurant in Paris, became angry after he was turned down for a loan of €70,000 (about $78,000).

He decided to ban all bankers from his gourmet restaurant as a form of protest.

30-year-old Alexandre Callet said that he asked for a reasonable amount of money so he can open a second restaurant, but he was rejected by several banks.

Callet, who is the owner of the Les Ecuries de Richlieu restaurant, placed a sign outside his store which reads: “Dogs welcome, bankers banned unless they pay an entry fee of €70,000 (about $78,000),” which is the amount he wanted as a loan.

“As soon as I see a banker that I recognize I won’t let them enter my restaurant. They have treated me like a dog, so I have denied them access,” Callet said.

The Les Ecuries de Richlieu restaurant is well-known, and is frequented by celebrities. According to Callet, the business is profitable.

The restaurant was named in the prestigious Michelin guide.