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Father breaks baby’s skull because his older daughter was sleeping in his bed when he wanted sex

By Mason White 3:40 PM February 21, 2016
Milton Paz 

By: Feng Qian
A father was arrested after he beat his wife and daughter because he wanted to have sex.

Police in Florida, were called to a home after the angry father broke the skull of his 3-month-old daughter and beat his wife.

32-year-old Milton Paz of Miami-Dade, was arrested after police said that he became angry when he found his 6-year-old daughter sleeping in his bed while he wanted to have sex with his wife.

The woman told police that her daughter was not feeling well so she allowed her to sleep in the couple’s bed. However, her husband grew angry and claimed that she was spoiling their daughter.

He beat his wife as she ran out of the home, and he punched his 3-month-old daughter in the back of the head, fracturing her skull.

Paz was held in prison for months without bail. Now, over objections from prosecutors, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Richard Hersch sat his bail at $50,000.

Paz was ordered to wear a GPS ankle monitor, and to stay away from his wife and two kids.