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Mayor caught watching pornographic abuse videos while debating constitution

By Mason White 11:27 AM February 21, 2016

By: Feng Qian
The mayor of a town in Germany, was left embarrassed after a screenshot revealed that he was busy watching pornographic abuse videos while debating the constitution, according to an image uploaded to Facebook.

Mayor Thomas Koppl, 50, of Quickborn, uploaded a screenshot of the constitution while making a point against the Alternative for Germany party.

Koppl argued that party founder Bernd Lucke and his colleagues are no longer running the party in accordance with the constitution.

Koppl then uploaded a screenshot of the constitution, but he forgot to erase his task bar, which showed that he has been busy watching abusive pornographic videos on his computer.

The image quickly went viral.

When the mayor learned about the controversial image, he quickly deleted it from Facebook. Koppl later admitted to watching the pornographic BDSM videos, but denied having an interest in them.

Koppl further stated that he heard a group of young men talking about BDSM while having fun at a ski resort. Koppl said that he didn’t know what they meant, and decided to search on Google.

Koppl revealed that after watching several videos, he was turned off by the violence, but said that he could understand why some people enjoy it.