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Pizza store launches $720 pie topped with 23 karat gold and caviar along with red carpet delivery

By Mason White 5:18 AM February 22, 2016
$720 pizza pie topped with gold 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A fast-food restaurant announced that they are going to sell a high-end pizza with a price tag of $720.

The pizza pie will include 23 karat gold, caviar and lobster along with a butler and red carpet delivery to your home, Pizza GoGo said in a statement.

“Our delicious fresh dough base topped with 23 karat gold, fantail prawns, beluga caviar and lobster. The price includes red carpet delivery and a butler to serve you,” the company wrote on Facebook.

The high-end pizza however, does not include a stuffed crust, which will set you back another 2 pounds ($2.86). The company said that consumers cannot order the high-end pizza at their local store.

The gold-topped pizza must be ordered at least three days in advance, and only from the central office of the company in Essex.

GoGo Pizza promised to deliver the pizza at no additional cost.