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Police officers rape 4 women in back seat of police car

By Mason White 11:22 AM February 21, 2016
Police cars (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Two police officers were arrested on a charge of rape after allegedly raping several women in the back seat of a police cruiser, police in California said.

Los Angeles police said that they have arrested 44-year-old James Nichols and 43-year-old Luis Valenzuela, after being accused of raping vulnerable women while they were serving the police as confidential informants.

The officers were charged with rape under color of authority and oral copulation by force. They were booked into jail, and bail was set at $3.5 million each.

If convicted, they face up to life in prison.

According to the police investigation, while one of the officers sat in the front seat of the police car acting as a lookout, the other raped a 19-year-old woman.

The victim was told that she must do what the police say or face jail.

Another woman, who worked as a drug informant, said the two officers forced her to have sex with them twice after threatening her with jail.

Two other women had similar stories. The four women were raped over a period of three years.