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Airline books women into sex hotel after delayed flight

By Mason White 11:21 AM February 22, 2016
The S&M hotel room 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Two women in China, who did not know each other, were shocked to find themselves in a sex hotel after their flight was delayed.

Hainan Airlines booked the two women into the S&M hotel after their flight from Chongqing to Hangzhou, was delayed due to bad weather.

The incident unfolded on Sunday, when the women were notified that their flight, Hainan Airlines flight HU7388, would be delayed and they were offered a free stay at the nearby hotel.

When the women got into their room, they realized that the establishment was a sex hotel that charges per hour. The room was equipped with sex chairs and chains as well as wrist and ankle cuffs.

The room also had numerous adult toys and items needed for bondage. The women said that they stayed in the room overnight and continued their journey in the morning.

The women took photos of their room and uploaded them to social media sites. The airline apologized for the incident, saying that the other hotels in the area were fully booked.