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Police officer takes photo while pleasuring himself in patrol car for woman he met on Craigslist

By Mason White 3:27 AM February 23, 2016
Police Officer (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A police officer in Florida, is under fire after posting ads on Craigslist, looking for women to have sex with a “uniformed officer in his patrol car.”

Officer Kevin Thompson of Lady Lake, resigned after pictures surfaced, showing him pleasuring himself in his patrol car while he was in uniform.

Police Chief Chris McKinstry said that the department’s reputation has been tarnished.

Thompson, who is married, responded to the Craigslist ad of the 38-year-old woman about four months ago, and the two began meeting while the officer was on duty.

Thompson allegedly put out false patrol alerts so that he could hang out with the woman behind his wife’s back while on duty.

During one of the visits, the woman came to his patrol car and saw the officer pleasuring himself while holding a pair of her underwear.

She told police that she took about 15 photos of the officer’s actions.

The woman told deputies that she did not know that Thompson was married when the affair began. When she learned that he had a wife, the officer promised to leave his wife and live with her, according to police. That did not happen.

After he tried to break up with her, the woman told officers that she threatened to tell Thompson’s wife about the affair and to show her the pictures of him pleasuring himself in his car.

Thompson then sent her threatening texts messages, saying that if she did so, he will see to it that her daughters are taken away from her and she will be arrested for threatening a police officer, according to the police report.

The State Attorney’s Office refused to file charges of sexual misconduct in the case. Thompson resigned the day after the allegations were made public.