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Man rapes three women in front of their children because his girlfriend died after childbirth

By Mason White 11:26 AM February 23, 2016
Trevor Lawler 

By: Chan Yuan
A man was sentenced to life in prison after raping three women in front of their children.

Trevor Lawler, 32, of Manchester, England, was arrested after one of his victim’s bit his hand and kept the skin in her mouth.

She then handed over the skin to police for DNA testing.

Police said that the man got into the homes of his victims by pretending to be in danger. He told the women that he was kidnapped, but managed to escape.

When the women allowed him into their home, he forcefully raped them. One victim was a 24-year-old woman. She was severely beaten while holding her 12-month-old baby in her arm.

He then forcefully raped the woman while telling her baby “this is all your mother is f*****g worth.”

Police said that just 3 hours earlier, Lawler broke into another woman’s home. She awoke to find the man standing over her about 4:40 a.m.

When the woman’s son began to cry, Lawler said: “shut him up or I will slit your throat.” He then attempted to rape her, but luckily, the woman’s boyfriend came home and Lawler ran away from the house, wearing just his underwear and t-shirt.

Lawler also raped a 37-year-old woman when he was 18 years old after he was allowed into her home by saying he had escaped his kidnapper.

Lawler’s attorney Hunter Gray, said that his client has a history of alcohol dependency and heroin use. He added that the crimes may have stemmed from “issues with grief” after his partner died shortly after giving birth to their child.