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Police officer ignores emergency calls while watching football game in stadium

By Mason White 5:49 PM February 23, 2016
Football game (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A police officer was fired from his job after being accused of ignoring emergency calls while watching a football game at a stadium, police in the United Kingdom said.

30-year-old Jason Charles of Gloucester, faced a disciplinary hearing, following an incident in which he ignored emergency calls while watching a football match at the Kingsholm Stadium.

After receiving a warning about his misconduct, Charles got drunk at the Lord High Constable of England pub and smashed a glass on a table.

According to the police investigation, Charles parked his patrol car outside the Kingsholm Stadium. He then went inside to watch the game between Gloucester and Connacht.

During the game, he received calls from his control room on two occasions. He responded to one call, but he ignored the other despite the fact that it was close to his location.

After a two day hearing, Charles was fired.

The panel found Charles had no good reason to enter the stadium and had abused his position to gain access without paying.

Charles defended his action, saying that he wanted to boost security by being present inside the stadium.