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Student fighting for her life after getting blood poisoning from leaving tampon in her for 9 days

By Mason White 7:06 PM February 24, 2016
Emily Pankhurst 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A young woman in the United Kingdom, is fighting for her life after accidentally leaving a tampon in her body for nine days.

20-year-old Emily Pankhurst of Canterbury, said that she felt bloated and under the weather, but she believed it was due to stress of her upcoming exams.

However, she was actually suffering from toxic shock syndrome after forgetting to remove a tampon for nine days.

Pankhurst ignored her symptoms while she was busy studying for her university exams. She was studying criminology at the University of Canterbury.

When she finally realized that she accidentally left the tampon in her for more than a week, she pulled it out. Pankhurst said that the tampon was completely black and she was so disgusted by it that she quickly flushed it down the toilet.

A few hours later, she felt feeling sick and began slurring her words. Her mother immediately called an ambulance.

Pankhurst was taken to the intensive care unit, where she was diagnosed with blood poisoning as a result of toxic shock syndrome, which is a life-threatening infection caused by the tampon.

She was given antibiotics and doctors managed to save her life. However, Pankhurst temporarily lost her mobility and is still unable to walk long distances.