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Woman bites female plane passenger because she almost touched her clothes

By Mason White 3:44 AM February 25, 2016

By: Tanya Malhotra
A woman caused a scene on a flight from Turkey to New York, after the woman sitting next to her took up too much space and nearly touched her clothes, police in New York said.

When the Turkish Airlines plane arrived at JFK Airport from Istanbul, police charged 38-year-old Stacy Engman with assault after being accused of biting Christina Tyler.

According to Tyler, Engman was wearing a scarf during the flight and it almost touching her as she leaned back in the empty seat between them.

After a disagreement, Engman raised the armrest and slammed it down on Tyler’s leg. Engman then called Tyler ugly, and told her to move her fat body.

When Tyler tried to ignore Engman, she was bitten on her lower back.

Tyler told a flight attendant what happened, and she was whisked to first class for the duration of the flight, leaving Engman behind in coach.

Tyler was treated at the airport.