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Female babysitter sexually assaults 16-month-old boy for two days before killing him

By Mason White 6:21 PM February 25, 2016
Gloria Fields 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A female babysitter in New York, was arrested for the horrific torture of a young child.

The child’s mother, Marta Delgado, asked 31-year-old Gloria Fields, to babysit her 16-month-old son over the weekend, while she was moving into a new apartment.

Fields agreed to watch Anthony Delgado for two days in her home in Staten Island. However, instead of caring for the child, she put him through horrific abuses.

Court documents detailed the helpless little boy’s last two days alive. Fields is accused of placing the toddler in his carriage before slamming it into the ground, causing the boy to hit the ground head first.

The coroner’s office found that the boy suffered multiple skull fractures, a fractured clavicle and internal bleeding as a result of Fields’ attacks.

Fields also sexually abused the toddler and inserted a pencil into the child’s backside. She allegedly admitted to leaving it there for at least 36 hours, according to court documents.

On Sunday morning, Fields texted Marta Delgado, and told her that her son hurt himself by falling in a park. The child was rushed to a hospital, where he died.

Fields faces charges of murder, aggravated sexual abuse and seven counts of assault.