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Two firefighters caught having sex while on duty

By Mason White 11:25 AM February 25, 2016
William Fry and Tiffany Seabolt 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) Two firefighters in Florida, were suspended without pay after they were caught having sex while on duty.

The Clearwater Fire Rescue said that Lieutenant William Fry was suspended for 30 days, while Fire Medic Tiffany Seabolt, was suspended for 15 days.

Fire truck driver Brian Swartz first reported the inappropriate relationship between Fry and Seabolt.

After an extensive investigation, it was determined that Seabolt and Fry had an inappropriate sexual relationship while on duty.

Two shirtless photos were found on Seabolt’s phone.

Investigators said that Seabold and Fry acted like a married couple, including arguing, making work difficult at the fire station.

Investigators determined that Seabold and Fry violated the trust that the City has placed in them, and their behavior caused a significant disruption at the fire station.

Fry and Seabolt were also accused of causing significant negative publicity generated by their actions and portrayed the city in a bad light.

The fire station has vowed to install cameras in order to stop sexual encounters during work.