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Father shakes his premature baby to death because she cried too much

By Mason White 1:29 PM February 26, 2016
Tomas Driukas with Deimante Driukaite 

By: Feng Qian
A father was arrested on a charge of murder after shaking his premature baby until she died, police in the United Kingdom said.

Now, 26-year-old Tomas Driukas of Perry Barr, has been sentenced to serve at least 21 years in prison after being convicted of murder in connection with the death of 5-month-old Deimante Driukaite.

According to the police investigation, Driukas became frustrated after his premature baby cried a lot while his wife went to work and left the baby under his care.

One morning, an ambulance was called to his home on Crantock Road, because the young girl was not breathing.

Paramedics found Driukaite in an unresponsive state, and she was immediately taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Throughout the day, medical staff attempted to resuscitate Driukaite, but she succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

Following a medical examination of the young child, doctors discovered a number of injuries to her body, which included multiple fractures to the ribs and a major brain trauma.

Following a post-mortem examination, a Home Office Pathologist concluded that the injuries suffered by the child were non-accidental, and most likely to have been caused by more than one episode of violent shaking.

Police arrested Driukas, in whose care the child had been at the time she collapsed.

The baby’s father was found guilty of his daughter’s murder, two counts of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and a further count of causing grievous bodily harm.