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Mother leaves her crying daughter behind in burning house and goes to her friend

By Mason White 12:55 PM February 26, 2016
Erica Rosello with her children 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested on a charge of child neglect after leaving her daughter in a burning house and going to her friend’s apartment, police in Florida said.

Miami police said that they have arrested 32-year-old Erica Rosello, after being accused of abandoning her 6-year-old daughter in the burning apartment.

She was charged with one count of child neglect, and was banned from having any contact with her daughter.

According to the police investigation, the fire spread throughout the house after Rosello poured water on an oil fire in the kitchen.

She became separated from her daughter, who was in a bedroom, and ran out of the apartment before stopping a car and asking the driver to take her to a friend’s house.

A neighbor who saw smoke coming out from the apartment, broke a window and pulled the girl out of her bed and to safety.

She was unconscious and suffering from smoke inhalation.

Firefighters were called to the apartment, and the girl was taken to the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, Rosello called her mother, Angelica Tabio, who told her that the 6-year-old girl was in the hospital.

Rosello later arrived at the hospital, where she was arrested.