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Prostitute breaks into home to steal video of man having sex with underage girl

By Mason White 12:41 PM February 26, 2016
Girl (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Two men and a prostitute were arrested on a charge of breaking and entering after allegedly breaking into a home and trying to steal a video recording of a man having sex with an underage girl, police in Canada said.

Now, Trisha Layne Daintry of Calgary, has pleaded guilty to one count of break and enter to commit robbery.

Her two male accomplices who were armed with knives, have never been caught. According to the police investigation, Daintry and the two men broke into the house of Mitchell Karazub.

Daintry knew Karazuba, because he had a habit of hiring prostitutes. Karazub woke up by the sound of the front door being kicked in.

The two men and the woman entered the home, went upstairs and bound the victim with electrical wire and tape. The robbers demanded his wallet, keys and ATM access code.

They also wanted to know where to find a video recording of him having sex with an underage girl. Karazub said that there is no such video as he ever had sex with an underage girl.

The robbers searched the home for about 15 minutes before leaving. After two hours, Karazub managed to free himself of the restraints and he called the police.