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Man kills his wife on wedding anniversary because he was jealous of her musical career

By Mason White 3:12 AM February 29, 2016
John Martin and Natalia Strelchenko 

By: Feng Qian
A man was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly strangling his wife because he was jealous of her successful musical career, police in the United Kingdom said.

Manchester police said that they arrested 48-year-old John Martin, after being accused of killing 38-year-old Natalia Strelchenko.

Strelchenko, a pianist, recently landed a position at a prestigious school in France. The Manchester Crown Court heard that Martin, a bass player, was jealous of his wife’s successful career while his own sagged.

Strelchenko began playing with the Orchestra of St. Petersburg, Russia, at the age of 12.

When she was 15 years old, she went to a specialized music school and went on to play in places around the world, including the Wigmore Hall in London, Carnegie Hall in New York, and the Cathedral in Berlin, Germany.

On the day of the couple’s wedding anniversary, Strelchenko recorded songs with friends at the School of Music. She returned home at night, and argued with Martin.

Martin left the home and began drinking alone, but Strelchenko and his friends persuaded him to go back home.

Martin then sent a text message to a friend, saying that his wife had been shutting him out for more than a year. He returned home and threw his wife down a flight of stairs before strangling her.

A musician friend who was staying at the house, fled in fear and the police were called. Strelchenko was found unconscious near the stairs.

She suffered serious injuries to the neck, and despite the efforts of paramedics, she was later pronounced dead. Martin denied killing his wife.