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Republican governor legalizes distribution of child pornography images among children

By Mason White 11:27 AM February 28, 2016
Teen taking selfie (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) The republican governor of New Mexico, signed into law a bill that legalizes the distribution of child pornography images among consenting children.

Governor Susana Martinez signed into law the bill that allows children aged between 14 to 18, to participate in consensual sexting, meaning that teens caught sharing explicit photos will not face child pornography charges, prison sentences or harmful criminal records.

State Senator George Munoz, a democrat, authored the legislation that exempts sexting from child exploitation laws.

Before the law was passed, if children were caught sexting, they could face charges of possession, distribution and manufacturing of child abuse images.

Prosecutors were able to file charges for each individual image, meaning that teens could have faced hundreds of years in prison if convicted of sexting.