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Three tourists die after jumping into dangerous whirlpool despite warning

By Mason White 3:14 AM February 29, 2016
Christian Sloan, Isobel Squire, and Beth Anderson 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A group of three tourists of the United Kingdom, drowned after jumping into a whirlpool in Vietnam.

Police in Lam Dong, said that 25-year-old Christian Sloan, 19-year-old Isobel Squire, and 25-year-old Beth Anderson, drowned while touring the Datanla waterfalls.

Police detained the victims’ tour guide, 26-year-old Dang Van Sy.

During questioning, Sy told the police that he begged the three not jump into the dangerous whirlpool in the area of the falls, but they did not listen to him.

He also said that when they got into trouble, he did not try to save them because he feared for his own life. The three bodies were recovered downstream from the waterfall.

The police officer who was in charge of the operation to recover the bodies, said that rescuers found their helmets and safety jackets, but did not find any rope, leading him to believe that the three tourists were not properly secured.