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Dumb drug dealers jailed after mocking female judge on Facebook for giving them suspended sentence

By Mason White 11:41 AM February 29, 2016
Daniel and Samuel Sledden 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Drug dealers from the United Kingdom, were jailed for mocking a judge on Facebook.

Daniel and Samuel Sledden of Accrington, were shocked but overjoyed when a judge gave them probation instead of jail time for selling drugs.

The brothers were facing 3 years in prison, but judge Beverley Lunt sentenced them to a 2 year suspended sentence after they pleaded guilty to distributing drugs.

However, just forty minutes after leaving the Burnley Crown Court, the men took to Facebook to celebrate their luck by making fun of the judge.

Daniel, 27, wrote: “Cannot believe my luck. 2 year suspended sentence beats 3 years jail, yes pal.” He than added: “the judge should s*** his private parts. “

His brother, Samuel, 22, wrote: “What a day it has been at the Burnley Crown Court! Aha nice 2 year suspended.” He then also made sexually explicit comments, mocking the judge.

The judge ordered their arrests. Lunt said that at their previous appearance the brothers “assured her that they were full of remorse. However, their Facebook posts indicated that they have not changed at all. They have not learned anything and they are not taking responsibility.”

The brothers had their suspended sentences revoked and they were sentenced to two years in prison.