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Grandfather rapes and kills his granddaughter to take revenge against his daughter for stealing his property

By Mason White 5:36 PM February 29, 2016
Fryda Cherlin Gomez Gayosso 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A grandfather was arrested on charges of murder and rape after allegedly raping and killing his granddaughter in order to take revenge against his daughter, police in Mexico said.

Hidalgo police said that they have arrested 58-year-old Norberto Gayosso Vazquez, after being accused of raping and killing 16-year-old Fryda Cherlin Gomez Gayosso.

According to the police investigation, Vazquez had an ongoing dispute with Gayosso’s parents over several properties.

Vazquez believed that his daughter illegally took possession of several properties that belonged to him. Last week, Vazquez warned his daughter that is she does not surrender the properties, he will hurt her where it hurts.

On Thursday, police found the dead body of Gayosso, in her grandfather’s home. Investigators said that the body showed signs of sexual assault.

Neighbors told investigators that Vazquez is an alcoholic.