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Hot-looking bikini-clad women form vigilante group to stop migrants from sexually abusing women at pools

By Mason White 6:05 PM March 1, 2016
The “Groping Guards” 

By: Chan Yuan
Several women who are determined to stop sexual abuse against women at swimming pools, got together to form a vigilante group.

The woman of Kalmar, Sweden, were fed up with being afraid of using public swimming pools for fear of being groped or sexually abused by migrants.

The women who named themselves the “Groping Guards,” walk around swimming pools dressed in their bikinis as they patrol the area in search of suspicious looking men.

The “Groping Guards” are determined to make swimming pools safe again. The women said that some places were forced to separate men from women in the Jacuzzi due to the attacks.

“That should not happen in 2016 in Sweden,” they said.