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Woman steals adult toy from store because her husband does not want to have sex with her

By Mason White 6:11 PM March 1, 2016
Ashton Barton 

By: Feng Qian
A mother of 4 children in Florida, was left red-faced after she was caught with a stolen adult toy.

When police arrested the woman for stealing the vibrating toy, she said that she would rather use the toy than cheat on her husband.

According to police, the woman told officers that she stole the item because “her husband does not want to touch her anymore.”

33-year-old Ashton Barton has a criminal record that includes multiple convictions for theft.

Police were called to the CVS pharmacy in Largo, after Barton was seen removing the adult toy from its packaging. She then placed it into her purse.

However, when she saw officers arriving at the store, she ditched the item. Police found the adult toy, and Barton admitted that she attempted to steal it.

The adult toy is worth $15. Officers also found ibuprofen in her purse. She claimed that she paid for the item. However, after being unable to produce a receipt, she admitted to stealing it.

Ashton Barton was arrested, and her bail was set at $2,000.