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Man robs home and attempts to sell stolen items to store clerk who is the rightful owner of the property

By Mason White 5:15 PM March 2, 2016
Daniel Ciamara 

By: Wayne Morin
A man robbed a home and then tried to make money by selling the stolen goods.

However, his plan backfired when he unknowingly tried to sell the item to its owner at a computer shop.

Police in the United Kingdom, were called to a store after 26-year-old Daniel Ciamara of Blackburn, tried to sell items to a store worker at a discounted price.

David Harrison went through the items that Ciamara brought to the shop, which included a Blu-ray player and a number of Blu-ray discs to determine the value of the items he was about the purchase.

However, Harrison, 60, soon realized that the items are the same as the collection that he had at home.

Harrison also saw that two discs that had not been opened were the same ones that he recently bought as an addition to his collection.

Harrison told the suspect that he will have to try out the Blu-ray player to see if it worked and asked him to return for the money the following day.

Meanwhile, Harrison went home and found his back door had been kicked in and his house had been burglarized.

The police were informed, and when the defendant came to pick up his money, he was arrested. At the Preston Crown Court, Ciamara pleaded guilty to burglary.

Ciamara did not return to court for sentencing. Instead, he fled to Poland.

The Lancashire police applied for extradition, and Ciamara was brought back to face justice.

Ciamara was sentenced to four months in prison for the theft and an additional two months to run concurrently for the breach of bail.