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Four students burn down principal’s home with his family inside as revenge for being suspended from school

By Mason White 1:03 PM March 3, 2016
Mark Heleker’s house after the fire 

By: Chan Yuan
Four students set fire to their principal’s house as revenge for being suspended from school.

Police in Idaho, are prepared to arrest four students after social media posts linked them to a fire that burned down their principal’s house.

The students of the Payette High School, were disciplined by the principal and were suspended a week prior to the fire. Police said that all suspects are under 18 years old.

Principal Mark Heleker said that his wife Lorrie, who is a teacher, their 24-year-old daughter Katie Erwin, and the family pets, escaped the fire unharmed.

Police suspect that the students set fire to a trash can outside the garage before the home became engulfed in flames. The house and three cars that were parked in the driveway were badly burned.

Heleker’s son found that one student posted a Snapchat message, featuring the fire emoji and bragging statements after the fire, Payette Police Chief Mark Clark said.