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Judge refuses to jail father who admitted to molesting his cancer-stricken 6-year-old daughter

By Mason White 1:16 PM March 3, 2016
Jeremy Schwer 

By: Mahesh Sarin
Prosecutors in Indiana, are not happy that a judge allowed a father to walk free after molesting his daughter.

Jeremy Schwer, 41, of Indianapolis, will not spend any time in jail even after admitting to molesting his 6-year-old daughter while she had cancer.

Schwer pleaded guilty to felony child abuse after sexually abusing his daughter while she was recovering from a brain tumor.

Schwer, who was married for eight years, has two daughters with his wife. He sexually abuse his oldest daughter.

Prosecutor Courtney Curtis asked the judge to sentence the father to at least nine years in prison, but the Marion County Superior Court judge sentenced him only to 12 years probation.

The light sentence comes after Schwer’s estranged wife, who filed for divorce after calling child protective services about the sexual abuse, asked the court not to send him to jail because she needed financial support for their children.

However, the prosecutor told the judge that Schwer did not support his family in any way in the past year, while he was out on bail.

According to court documents, the father made her touch his private parts and he touched her private area. The abuse began about two years ago, and continued on the night that Schwer was with his daughter at the hospital and continued when he cared for her at home.

Along with 12 years probation, Schwer also has to register as a sex offender, leave the family home and enter a counseling program.

Schwer’s attorney, John Campbell, said that the father has committed to dedicate his life to support his family.