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Police officers order prison inmates to fight one another for their entertainment

By Mason White 12:58 PM March 3, 2016
Jail (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
While some prisons have a hard time stopping inmates from beating one another, in one prison, the officers were the ones instigating the fights.

Prison guards in San Francisco, California, are in trouble after it was discovered that they ordered inmates to beat one another up.

The officers were arrested for participating in a “fight club” in which they ordered jail inmates to pummel one another while the guards watched and enjoyed the “show.”

“Subjecting inmates who are in the care and custody of the state to degrading and inhumane treatment, makes a mockery of our justice system,” said attorney George Gascon.

The officers allegedly also forced inmates to do chores to earn food.

Police arrested Deputy Eugene A. Jones, Deputy Clifford T. Chiba, and Former Deputy Scott R. Neu.

Jones was charged with felony assault and failing to perform official duties. He faces 5 years in prison.

Chiba was charged with cruel punishment of prisoners and failure to perform an official duty. He faces 18 months in prison.

Neu was charged with assault, making criminal threats, cruelty to a prisoner and failing to perform an official duty. He faces more than 10 years in prison.