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Prison hands out 10,000 condoms as inmates trade sex for snacks

By Mason White 3:52 AM March 4, 2016
Prison (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
A former prison guard in Australia, revealed that sexual activity is so common among inmates that officials have handed out 10,000 condoms in order to prevent sexual transmitted diseases.

The prison guard, who refused to reveal his identity fearing retaliation, worked at the Long Bay jail in Sydney for 11 years.

The guard said that inmates usually have sex in their cells during the night, and not in the showers as most people believe.

Long Bay is a maximum security prison, and is known to be the toughest prison in the country. Prisoners often deny having sex, but almost all are sexually active.

Last year, prison officials distributed 10,000 condoms. Most prisoners exchange sex for food or drinks. The guard witnessed one inmate exchange sex for a can of Coca Cola.

The guard also revealed that there are plenty of drugs inside the cells as they are smuggled into the prison by friends and relatives during visits.

In prison, most people are addicted to drugs as desperate people do desperate things.