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2-year-old boy falls out of grandfather’s van before getting up and running after the vehicle

By Mason White 1:19 PM March 4, 2016
The boy on the road 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) A two year old boy of China, is lucky to be alive after falling out of his grandfather’s car on a busy road.

Video of the incident, shows the child falling from the back of the van and then running after the vehicle.

The grandfather did not realize that the child was missing until someone notified him about the incident. Other cars were seen passing the child, but luckily, the child was not hurt.

The incident occurred near Wujiang, Jiangsu, when the grandfather stopped at a traffic light and the back door suddenly opened.

As the vehicle began moving again, the 2-year-old fell out and landed on the road. The child was seen standing up and running after the vehicle.

Du Xiuli, who saw the child alone on the busy road, rescued him and handed him over to his grandfather, Yang Defu.

Yang said that the back of his van had been damaged by a collision that occurred a few weeks earlier.