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Elderly woman chokes to death from medical alert necklace that she carried around her neck

By Mason White 2:07 PM March 4, 2016
Medical alert necklace (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) An elderly woman choked to death in her home after a medical alert necklace got entangled in her walker, leaving her suspended above the ground and cutting off the air and blood flow to her brain, police in Pennsylvania said.

The Cumberland County Coroner said that 86-year-old Roseann DiFrancesco, was found dead in her home by a nurse who came to help her out during the day.

The nurse walked into the home early on Monday, and looked around the house for the woman. When she walked into the bathroom, she found DiFrancesco on the floor.

According to the police investigation, the necklace became entangled in the walker, causing DiFrancesco to be suspended above the ground.

The position put pressure on her neck, and cut off her air and blood flow. The medical alert necklace did not have a breakaway feature.