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2-year-old girl calls 911 for help in getting dressed in wardrobe emergency

By Mason White 6:08 PM March 6, 2016
Aaliyah Garrett with Deputy Martha Lohnes 

By: Tanya Malhotra
(Scroll down for video) Police were called to a home in South Carolina, for a wardrobe emergency.

The young girl informed the dispatcher that she needed help putting on her clothes.

2-year-old Aaliyah Garrett explained to the dispatcher that she needed the police to help her get dressed. Even though they realized that it was not a real emergency, officers said that they have to respond to every call to check on the caller.

Her parents had no idea that she made the call. When Greenville County Deputy Martha Lohnes arrived at the home, she found Garrett waiting for her at the front door.

Lohnes said that the girl had one leg of the pants on and the other was off. The officer helped the girl put her pants on and then helped with her shoes. The child then hugged the officer.

Garrett’s mother Pebbles Ryan, said that she taught her daughter how to dial 911. “I always told her to call police when she needed help, but I didn’t know she’d take it to that extent,” Rayan said.