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37-year-old man slashes and robs 60-year-old woman who brought him home for sex after meeting at bar

By Mason White 11:21 AM March 7, 2016
Levan Bakradze 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman suffered injuries after bringing home a much younger man for sex.

Police in New York, arrested 37-year-old Levan Bakradze, after he allegedly robbed a one-night stand at knifepoint and cut her arm before running out of an apartment in Brooklyn on Saturday.

Police said that Bakradze, pulled a knife on the 60-year-old woman at 7:15 a.m., after they spent the night together at her home in Sheepshead Bay.

Bakradze allegedly met the woman at the Towne Cafe bar on E. 15th St., and she invited him to her house for sex. In the morning, Bakradze threatened the woman with the knife and demanded money, police said.

When the woman said that she did not have any money, Bakradze stole two rings valued at $500 and then fled the apartment in his underwear.

Bakradze is facing two charges of theft and possession of weapons. The woman was treated for a minor wound at a hospital.