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Couple finds lots of furniture in their driveway after thief rented out their house to a woman

By Mason White 5:45 PM March 7, 2016
Nikki Wilson’s belongings on Kit Pullen’s driveway 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A family woke up to find a full house of furniture dumped on their driveway due to a rental scam.

Kit Pullen of Canada, wanted to shovel his driveway, but was unable to do so as there was an entire home of furniture dumped in front of his car garage.

Pullen said that during the night, a U-Haul truck stopped at his home in Ottawa on Parkglen Drive, and two men unloaded everything in front of his garage, trapping the family’s car inside.

In the morning, Nikki Wilson learned about her misfortune. Wilson said that she posted an ad on Kijiji, looking for a new home in Ottawa, while planning to move from Napanee, Ontario.

Someone responded and offered her the home that belongs to Pullen, and they demanded $900 up front. Wilson said she did not realize that she was scammed until it was too late.

U-Haul driver Richard Lalonde said that he and his partner left Wilson’s belongings in the driveway because they were unable to reach her and they needed the truck empty for a job the following morning.

After learning about the scam, Lalonde returned to Pullen’s home and packed up all of Wilson’s belongings before taking the items back to Napanee.