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Firefighters in trouble for saving life of toddler by using fire truck to rush her to hospital

By Mason White 11:14 AM March 7, 2016
Fire truck (illustration) 

By: Mahesh Sarin
(Scroll down for video) Two firefighters were suspended for saving the life of a girl by transporting her to a hospital.

Firefighters Captain James Kelley and Sgt. Virgil Bloom of Fredericksburg, Virginia, don’t get paid. Instead, they are volunteer firefighters because they love helping people.

However, they will no longer be able to volunteer as firefighters because they transported an 18-month-old girl to the hospital in a fire truck that was not licensed to transport patients.

Brian Nunamaker said that he called 911 after his youngest daughter was having a seizure while they were on their way home from running errands.

Nunamaker pulled into a McDonald’s restaurant parking lot. The firefighters arrived at the scene and determined that the child needed oxygen.

The child was blue and she needed immediate medical attention. The two men made the decision to rush the child to the hospital with the fire truck to save her life.

However, instead of being awarded, the volunteer firefighters were suspended. Chief Christopher Smith of the Falmouth fire department said that he stands behind the firefighters. He explained that he would have done the same if he was in the situation.

He also said that losing two firefighters means that he will have a harder time responding to calls in a timely fashion in the future.