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Man tries to rape 8-year-old girl before being stripped naked and tied up by angry mob

By Mason White 3:22 AM March 8, 2016
Rapist stripped naked on street 

By: Wayne Morin
A man was arrested on a charge of sexual assault after allegedly trying to rape a young girl in public, police in Argentina said.

Before being handed over to the police in San Miguel, an angry mob detained the young man, who was not identified, and he was stripped naked.

According to residents, the suspect tried to rape the 8-year-old girl on a street before being caught. A group of people grabbed the suspect, stripped him naked and tied up his hands with rope.

He was taken from the scene, and paraded naked on the streets of the city. After several hours, the mob handed over the suspect to the police who arrested him on a charge of sexual assault.

People in the crowd shouted insults as the man was being led away by the police. One man can be heard shouting: “Next time I will kill you.”

A woman suggested that police tie him to the back of the truck and drag him to his death.