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Retired lawyer attempts to arrest stripper because she refused to perform sex act on him

By Mason White 3:47 AM March 9, 2016
John L. Ciardi 

By: Feng Qian
Police were called to a strip club after a retired lawyer attempted to arrest a stripper because she refused to perform a sex act on him despite paying her some cash, police in Florida said.

Key West police said that officers responded to the Living Dolls strip club on Fleming Street, and warned 62-year-old John L. Ciardi, not to enter the business.

Ciardi of Peabody, Massachusetts, told the police officers that he paid Marianny Benitez $300 for sexual services, but she did not want to do what he wanted.

Benitez also did not give him his money back. Benitez told police that Ciardi paid her $100 and she gave him a private dance.

He then gave her $200 and asked her to do more for him, but she refused. Ciardi became upset and asked for a refund.

Benitez went to the lobby and met her manager, Marisa Hernandez. Hernandez said that she would not return the money.

Ciardi then became aggressive. Ciardi threatened physical harm and destruction of property if his money wasn’t returned.

Hernandez pointed a can of pepper spray at Ciardi and called the police.

When police told him that they won’t arrest anyone at the club, Ciardi said that he was going inside to make a citizen’s arrest.

Ciardi was warned that if he enters the club, he would be arrested for trespassing. Ciardi then left the scene.