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Homeless man comes to the rescue of woman who missed her last train home

By Mason White 4:31 PM March 9, 2016
Nicole Sedgebeer with Mark 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman in the United Kingdom, said that she has a newfound respect for homeless people after a man came to her rescue when she was lost.

The woman posted a heartfelt message on Facebook, praising the homeless man who made sure she was safe after she missed her train.

21-year-old Nicole Sedgebeer was left alone on the streets of London, after missing her train home.

Sedgebeer wrote that she panicked when she missed the last train from London to Milton Keynes, after a night out of drinking with friends.

However, she said that a homeless man and her guardian angel came to her rescue after seeing her in tears. Sedgebeer was stranded at the Euston Station, and she did not know what to do until the homeless man came to her rescue.

The homeless man named Mark, walked her to a 24-hour cafe so that she can be safe for the night. He also promised that he will return to the cafe at 5:00 a.m., to walk her back to the train station.

Mark explained that he was unable to stay with her for the night, as he had to get his sleeping bag. He returned in the morning at 5:00 a.m., to walk her to the train as promised.

Sedgebeer thanked Mark, and took a selfie with him. Mark said that it was the first time that he took a selfie.