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Women put venomous scorpions on nails in new fashion trend

By Mason White 2:43 PM March 9, 2016
Scorpions on woman’s nails 

By: Mahesh Sarin
What started as a sick joke by a beauty salon owner in Mexico, has now become a new fashion trend.

In the latest and most bizarre beauty craze, women are paying to have deadly scorpions placed on their fingernails.

Dr. Julio Cesar Ramirez, who has worked in hospitals for about 30 years, warned that the scorpions remain venomous even after they have died.

However, that has not stopped women from flocking to nail salons to get the new style of manicure by adding scorpions to their nails.

Beauty parlour owner Rocio Vidales said: “it started as a sick joke, but now women come here from across North America specifically to have scorpion babies mounted in their nails.”

The trend started when Lupita Garcia, a scorpion artisan and enthusiast, asked the staff at the Rocio’s nail parlour in Durango, to give her a Scorpion-themed manicure, and they agreed.

After photos of her nails were uploaded to the Internet, other women asked for the same. The scorpions, which are about one week old, are killed before being placed on the nail.