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Brink’s security official caught after stealing $196,000 in quarters

By Mason White 12:36 PM March 10, 2016
Coins (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
A man who worked for the Brink’s company, stole a lot of money on the job.

49-year-old Stephen Lancaster Dennis of Birmingham, Alabama, was arrested after he was caught stealing quarters from the company.

Dennis managed to pocket $196,000 in quarters from the company, where millions of coins are stored for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Dennis, who worked as a security official for the company, had access to bags containing $50,000 in quarters. They were stored on skids inside a “coin room,” according to court documents.

An audit revealed that four of the bags were tampered with and contained only $1,000 in quarters, and the rest were filled with beads.

While investigating Dennis, officials realized that he came to work on Sunday, which was supposed to be his day off. He was seen collecting four empty bags, which he then filled with beads and placed them inside the coin room.

Dennis made sure that $1,000 of quarters remained on top, and were visible through a plastic window on the bags after he took the rest of the money, according to the Northern Alabama District Attorney’s Office.

Dennis plead guilty to theft and he agreed to repay the entire $196,000 that he stole. He now faces a maximum of 10 years in prison as well as an additional $250,000 fine.