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Kindergarten teacher gets drunk in class with blood alcohol content level 5 times the legal driving limit

By Mason White 10:35 AM March 10, 2016
Klara Bowman 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A kindergarten teacher in Washington, was fired from her job after she was found to be drunk in class.

Klara Bowman of Tacoma, who was caught being drunk in class several years ago, was found with a blood alcohol content level that was five times the legal driving limit.

She was employed by the Tacoma Public Schools. School officials launched an investigation after students came into the principal’s office to report that Bowman needed help.

When the assistant principal came to the class to check on Bowman, she was found sitting in a corner of the room with her head tilted back.

She was described as very unstable on her feet and having difficulty speaking. She was then escorted from the classroom.

Another teacher reported that earlier in the day, Bowman fell on two students and laugh during a reading lesson.

Investigators found an empty bottle of wine and an empty bottle of rum inside the classroom.

Bowman’s blood alcohol content level was determined to be at least 0.4, an amount five times the legal limit for driving in the state.

Bowman appealed the school’s decision, saying that she wants her job back.